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Danny Ross Live in Cuba Event

June 17, 2017 8:00 pm
June 17, 2017 10:00 pm
One Space HQ ( Music, Yoga, Meditation and Arts ), Bondi Road, Bondi Junction, New South Wales, Australia   View map

Join Danny Ross launch his video from his journey in CUBA, He will share what happened over there with the help of Onespace in Bondi and offer the two songs as a physical “Double A-Side” release.

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At the end of last year I had the honour of being invited to Havana, Cuba by long-time friend and producer Mista Savona. He was finalising tracking for his ground breaking Havana Meets Kingston project.

I’d written a song in spanish (with the help of google translate and then a friend from Uruguay) and offered it to his project but instead was urged to come and visit, in true Savona style.

With Mista Savona guiding proceedings I recorded two songs completely live, with original and new members of Buena Vista Social Club and a constellation of other Cuban music luminaries. Hurricane Matthew was meant to be making landfall the following day so we had around 5 hours to record and film within the walls of Estudios Egrem.

What happened during that session was deeply affecting, to say the least. The level of embodiment, joy and communication that I was witness to opened my possibility of togetherness in music and also reminded me that musicianship and tone are lifelong paths.

I was proud of the songs for being able to be expanded in such an explosive and wild way by a band of utter virtuosos. We took one of my darkest songs and all of a sudden it was an ode to joy. They generated such deep empathy during a surrendered ballad. For me this was a real reminder about how the contiuum of a song develops long after it’s composed, perhaps for always, depending on how it’s shared.

The two songs were then mixed by 12 x Latin Grammy Nominated engineer (and phenomenal human) Carlos Castro at Watersound Studios in Los Angeles.

I’m humbled to share what happened over there with the help of Onespacein Bondi and offer the two songs as a physical “Double A-Side” release.

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Solo Performance and Video Premiere from 9pm


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