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NICK DEMERIS’s from NYC! “Human Instruments” Workshop

March 13, 2017 7:30 pm
March 13, 2017 9:30 pm
0417 669 980

“HUMAN INSTRUMENTS” – a workshop With Guest Facilitator from NYC- NICK DEMERIS – ( Carnegie Hall, Deepak Chopra Centre)…

HUMAN INSTRUMENTS is a workshop that unlocks the power of the voice using techniques from improvisational jazz, freestyle rap, european clown, and the musical methods espoused by vocal master Bobby McFerrin.
Whether you consider yourself a diva of song or a novice of sound, this workshop will explore our greatest musical potential, harnessing the power of improvisation to release the music inside and become “Human Instruments.”
We will play with spontaneous singing, beatboxing, rap, vocal ‘sampling,’ body percussion, and ultimately how to stand at the center of a circle – turning human beings into instruments and sound into music.

See Nick in Action with one of his projects- THE WHOLE TIme
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Price: $30 + BF
Doors open: 7PM
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Nick Demeris is a two time TEDx participant (speaker and host), actor in Tony-award
winning musicals, singer, rapper, beat boxer, musical facilitator and an all out instigator of spontaneous joy, turning audiences into orchestras all around the globe.

Nick has studied and performed, with ten-time Grammy Award winner Bobby McFerrin (Don’t Worry Be Happy) and is in his second year as a singer at Carnegie Hall in New York City, where he works with professional musicians, aspiring artists, and young people in the juvenile justice system, to improvise, write, produce, and record original music. He recently co-created (with the Moving Star Vocal Ensemble, of which he is a member) and performed the title character in a world premiere rumpus opera at Carnegie Hall called “OTOYOTOY.”

Additionally, Nick is currently a member of four vocal “bands,” which range from vocal ensembles who perform and facilitate conferences on Climate Change to large scale public gatherings which create community by bringing improvised singing to the streets and parks of New York City. Nick is also the co-founder of a trio called The Whole Time who perform entirely improvised concerts all over the planet (!

Nick works with companies to implement the practice of innovating through play and improvisation, as well as developing original content (commercials, songs and scripts) for brands and universities that include: the Big Quiet, Ogilvy & Mather, Spotify, the Huffington Post, Buzz Feed, Guild Mortgage, Accept Email, the University of Chicago, and Sesame Street.


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