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The Awakening with Miroslav and Special Guest at HQ!

February 24, 2017 7:00 pm
February 24, 2017 10:00 pm
66 Bondi Road, Bondi Junction, New South Wales, Australia   View map
0417 669 980

This event is for those that want a deeper connection, yearn for more out of life, are here to live their purpose, love discovering what else is possible and connecting with other like-minded people.Imagine Ted Talks, crossed with the emotional curiosity of being a child. Un-ravelling layers of what we used to think, creating space and freedom for you to be yourself. Immersive. Expansive. Connecting.

Speakers and audience, creating a space of opening together.

Limited tickets so get in quick! Early bird until 17th Feb!
Doors: 7PM
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MIROSLAV PETROVIC – The Way of The Heart
Miroslav grew up as one of the shyest kids in school, introverted, quiet and insecure, Which makes it almost comical that he now finds himself having spoken to over 4,000 people across Australia.
He travelled jungles, ashrams and deserts globally facing his own fears to bring his unique gifts to the world.
Fusing ancient wisdom and contemporary life in a fun and interactive way participants walk away feeling deeply reconnected to themselves: peaceful, centred and grounded in taking action for the steps in their journey.
Every experience, every relationship, every conversation is an opportunity for immense transformation.
Miroslav’s takes are wondrous spaces of unravelling for the mind, body and soul where the audience co-creates the experience. In this immersive journey, we will explore the power of the heart to transform life’s everyday experiences into a fulfilling spiritual journey. Fusing together deep insight, playfulness, and audience participating this will be an experience of transformation emotions, finding clarity in the next stages of your journey, deepening your dearest relationships and living more of your authentic truth with all that you do.
The intention behind these events is to unravel and playfully explore the opportunities for awakening in everything we do. Re-discovering child-like awe with the world. We carry with us unquestioned ideas around different things in life that keep us trapped:
-To sing we must have a good voice.
-To be confident, we must have proof (degrees, titles etc).
-To dance, we must be co-ordinated.
-To be spiritual we must meditate and say Namaste. (lol)
There is no right or wrong way, and great freedom in removing the rules that bind us. As we undo what we thought possible, opportunity and excitement open before us.
Moments of awakening can show up through anything we do, work, movement, song, relationships, and even the way we speak and connect with loved ones. Yay!
– Courage, confidence and clarity to follow your own heart and live your life’s purpose. To discover it, and add more fuel to living it.
– New found freedom to ‘just do it’ in different areas of your life. Recognise how what you are already doing is a part of your journey, and get clear on what’s next for you.
– Awesome new friendships, connections, and sometimes people even find ongoing relationships at these events. 😉
I used to think spirituality and the journey inwards would mean meditating in an ashram in India, and I discovered the awakening is everywhere when I can look with fresh eyes. By hearing the stories of others we can see the world through fresh eyes.


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