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Vibrant Wellbeing (Tantric Workshops) Part 2: Still & Active Elements

March 26, 2017 2:00 pm
March 26, 2017 5:00 pm
One Space HQ ( Music, Yoga, Meditation and Arts ), Bondi Road, Bondi Junction, New South Wales, Australia   View map
0417 669 980

Vibrant Wellbeing – Still and Active Elements
(3hrs – part seated meditation and part active meditation):

1st Part – A guided shamanic journey that will work with opening the sensory field, expansion and contraction, chakras and the elements.
– Inspired by shamanic experiences, a meditation by Christie Marie Sheldon, plus research on Taoism, Zen and Quantum Physics.

2nd Part – An active meditation that is fun and allows: connection to the self, to others, the elements and an experience of impermanence, which itself allows more flow.
– Inspired by an active meditation lead by Felix Ruckert, a conversation with Shantam Nityama, experiments with eye gazing and energy work and most importantly where your energy on the night takes the flow

Price: By Donation – I am hosting 3 workshops before my trip to South America in mid-April, all by donation!!

In the event that we have more people than fit in the space or the band wanting access for setup, I would like to take our tribe to the park across the road!

Price: By Donation!
(I am hosting 3 workshops before my trip to South America in mid-April, all by donation!!)
Doors Open: 2PM
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Marc Calokerinos – A finder not a seeker

This fancily dressed fun facilitator enjoys empowering others with techniques that have assisted in setting him free. A mixture of knowledge and experience is offered so that wisdom can be instilled and distilled within the body and psyche of participants. Through facilitating others to have their own experience he allows space for personal insights, that is to say, subjective integration and understanding.

Even if the change is subtle, it has the opportunity to allow awareness of a different paradigm within participant’s everyday experience. Such a trickle of water has the chance to build through continued attention to an awakening and an embodiment of new life principles, ways of being open and allowing to an experience.

Marc has studied Law, Psychology, Meditation, Tantra, Bodywork (Massage, Energy and Womb Healing) and whilst expanding on his previous studies is currently exploring Alchemy, Shamanism and what it takes to be a Manifestation Wizard. This is the surface, he is all and none of these things, labels and boxes are things he escapes. As long as he can remember it has been Marc’s path and joy to be self-improving. You may meet him at a drumming circle, dancing ecstatically at OneSpace, reciting poetry at a slam, on the street or delivering a massage to your home.


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